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Internat’l Press Release

“L i t t l e   S e c r e t”   Exhibition of  Erotic Sketches

Willemstad – Preparations for the third and last exposition of “Little Secret by Monique” are well underway. This prestigious, invitation-only event is scheduled for April 21, 2012 at St Tropez.
The charcoal sketches by Monique van Doorn, each a tribute to the sensuality of the female body, exhibited at this exclusive event are the current buzz of Curacao’s elite and have many breathless in anticipation…

Owning a Monique

For one night only this exquisite collection of 15 charcoal paintings by Monique van Doorn will be on display and available for sale. The series is called “Little Secret” referring to the secret identity of many of the models, many of whom are respected ladies in our community; and to the fact that Monique has just recently unleashed her talent – a little secret that has eluded herself until now…The paintings portray the sensuality of the female body using various stages of nakedness, with a wink that says they’re teasing and luring in the viewer. The exhibiton is the only way to get hold of a Monique, a seductive statement we all secretly want to make. It speaks about the sexuality of its owner, but more importantly it says that you appreciate indulging in sensual foreplay in any setting…but you like to keep that your own little secret…


Sensual female bodies have since long been a favorite ‘topic’ for artists, perhaps because art lovers and buyers alike love the tease… To Monique van Doorn this fondness of the body of a sexy woman turned out to be the catalyst that unleashed her talent. Each of her drawings is a testimonial of the inner strength and outer beauty of her female models. She craves the stimulation they trigger in her mind and she wants to share this with everyone through her drawings. Monique has been caught on many occassions saying that her drawings are not art…she refers to the fact that she doesn’t make these drawings with th ethought that they should qualify for some prize or distinction. Instead, Monique derives her kicks from the reactions and the triggers from the viewer.

Provoke, Tease and Trigger

“I don’t want people to call my paintings art. Someone jokingly referred to my paintings as “Viagra Art”  I love that, because the thought of someone getting something out of the  painting is my actual goal. To me, it is not about the actual painting, but about the thoughts it provokes and what it stirs in each viewer. Each painting has provoked thoughts and fueled countless conversations that triggered new discoveries in me and especially in my models. These discoveries we cherish between women…our little secrets… I can’t imagine anything as intriguing and tantalizing as a sensual woman when she is exposing her inner beauty through her body. When a woman is as confident when she is naked as she is in clothes, she exudes so much sexiness, it begs me to put it to paper…”, said Monique when asked to explain her ‘art’.

Meet the Moniques

The exposition is by invitation only. But if you manage to catch the artist’s attention with a few intriguing lines on you may convince her to send you an invitation. Tip: make sure you have a great reason for wanting to attend her exposition. And here’s a delicious peice of gossip to send your mind spinning: some of Monique’s models will be attending the exposition …hhmmm …now that’s a reason to be there! Won’t it be a delicious challenge to try to recognize them in clothing…

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