Monique…and more

meAcquiring one of Monique’s works is a symbol of pure uninhibited freedom…

Monique  is every woman…Who is not just any woman…She’s the one who holds the key to being a woman…She lives in every female, but only some women have found her within the realms of their souls, and can release her to fully embrace the delicate power within. Confident, passionate women, unafraid to explore and use their sensuality to enhance and complete who they want to be and follow their intuitions to reveal their true selves… These women exude an irresistible magic aura. The magic that is captured in each “Monique”. 

The “Moniques” of this world symbolize what the artist views as the ultimate in female seductiveness…they possess and embrace the power of being a woman… they have the confidence to entice… to draw out… to seduce… fulfill… satisfy… live life to its fullest….and have fun…

n1514034679_30126183_1592939Monique, the artist, gives rise to the term ‘Monique’ itself. She triggers thoughts within…she lures you to divulge more than you’d planned, to explore your inner being, she dares you to be what others might not expect. She thrives on discovering the link between passion and beauty. Monique’s art is all about showing what she has found to be irresistible to men and women alike…that the sensuality of the female body is linked to a sizzling soul. Monique pulls out hidden pleasures in the mind which fill her inner self…making her perhaps an ultimate ‘Monique’…

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  1. Hi Monique,

    Het was een hele ervaring om je werk ‘live’ te zien gisteren. Ik was echt onder de indruk van je talent en de manier waarop je er over vertelt. Het was mooi om je tussen je werk te zien. Heel inspirerend! Ik heb gisterenavond een paar kennissen getipt!
    Nu nog je boek 😉

    Jolanda, x

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