Niji Magazine 13-12013

Charcoal and Photo Art by Dutch artist Monique van Doornfacebook-20141129-195000_edit_edit

Sensual female bodies have long since been a favorite ‘topic’ for artists, perhaps because art lovers and buyers alike love the tease.

To Monique van Doorn, a Dutch artist living in Barcelona, this fondness of the body of a sexy woman turned out to be the catalyst that unleashed her talent.

Each of her drawings is a testimonial of the inner strength and outer beauty of her female models.

She craves the stimulation they trigger in her mind and she wants to share this with everyone through her drawings.

She refers to the fact that she doesn’t make these drawings with the thought that they should qualify for some prize or distinction. Instead, Monique derives her kicks from the reactions and the triggers from the viewer.

“My “models” are local women – we see and meet them everywhere on a daily basis. They dared to explore their sensual side, but they have not yet fully exposed their identities… hence, the models are a little secret… Only I know who they are, and I’m not telling….”

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